Gardening in the age of coronavirus. Gardening is not canceled.

“Do you really need more seeds?” they said.

Yes. When the coronavirus escalated in our state of Pennsylvania, ‘they’ called me for help. Friends, family, and social media onlookers grew curious about all the plants in my window.

“But I don’t have a green thumb like you,” some object.

The good news is: my green thumb is just a glowing passion for fresh food … a passion that could spread even faster than the virus.

In the spirit of reliance, a movement has begun to sustain ourselves. We don’t have to feel hungry and quarantined. We can nourish our bodies with fresh food. We are free to grow outside (and inside).

Are garden centers “life-sustaining” businesses in PA?

This is an interesting thyme. I mean, time. During this pandemic, we’ve learned which Pennsylvania businesses are “life-sustaining.” Fortunately, farmers made the cut and their doors are open for locals wanting to avoid crowded grocery stores.

But most garden centers remained closed.

Garden nurseries keep us plant-lovers going. They not only sustain, but also birth new life. I await the day they open their doors, revealing the first pansies, daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths of the season.

Among the blooms, I’d buy onion bulbs every March and herbs to harbor indoors until mid-May. Of course, that was in the time before. This is 2020.

Quarantined and hungry? You don’t have to be.

With mature plants in hand, we could be growing more of our own food, faster.

Fortunately, gardening is not canceled. Thanks to the Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery Association, some garden centers and greenhouses in the Lehigh Valley have re-opened.

And we can still count on Spring. If you’re in my zone 6b, Last Spring Frost Dates are coming early around April 30.

I know the virus is spreading like fire, but let’s trust nature’s wisdom. Native Americans believe fire is medicine. Every year, many tribes start controlled fires to modify the landscape, nourish the soil, and cultivate a flourishing culture and economy.

In unprecedented times like this when we feel powerless, we may feel like the flowers being burned. But we are the soil. We can cultivate a fresh foundation from the comfort of home.

For a garden to table lifestyle, all you need are seeds, soil, and sun. The first two are available online; the latter is a gift from Mother Nature. As for me, I’m here to help you grow a garden from the inside out. Follow along here for “The Secret to Growing These 3 Superfoods in Your Window.”

Happy gardening!



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