Sienna Mae Heath

Sienna Mae Heath is The Sovereign Gardener, cocreating a more beautiful world. Planting victory gardens in the Lehigh Valley and beyond, Sienna has 10+ years of gardening experience with a budding focus on landscape design. She embodies food freedom, steadily growing food and flowers, including fruits and vegetables, medicinal herbs for tea, and blooms beloved by pollinators.

Sienna plants tea gardens of Holy/Tulsi basil, chamomile, cornflower, lavender, sage, chrysanthemum, yarrow, calendula, rose hips, morning glory, strawberry leaves, blueberry leaves, and raspberry leaves with lemon mint and peppermint – pairing the teas with ceramic mugs made by her father Walter Heath and her mother Bahereh Khodadoost.

An established writer, she has published content in The Weeder’s Digest, Gardening Know How, GrowIt, ArchDaily, OnOffice Magazine, and Architect News. Sienna is the director of the Companion Gardening Program at the Royal Falcon Foundation: Empowering Young Hearts and Minds through Experiential Use of the Transformative Leadership Curriculum. She teaches the cocreation of “God’s Gardens: Plant & People Friendships with Youth and Families,” as inspired by the metaphor of humanity being food and flowers of one garden amid the societal forces of integration and disintegration.


“Above all the displays of bravery and declarations of independence, there is something that much more precious — hope.”

– Sienna Mae Heath

Cursive writing by Sienna Mae Heath

The Hero’s Journey

My poetry and podcasts for Free the People explore embodying art as a way of being, posing the question: What motivates someone to step out as an individual?

Sienna Mae Heath on the BlazeTV's Kibbe on Liberty and her show Leaving the Left for Liberty (Free the People)
Interview Series with Dissidents and Whistleblowers

Host Sienna Mae Heath continues the conversation started in Kibbe on Liberty | Ep 207 to explore Matt’s origin story: the song lyrics and hero’s journey novel that inspired him to start Free the People. Matt and Sienna discuss how artists can lead by inspiration, not force. They reflect on Sienna’s upbringing with a family of artists and examples of art vs. authoritarianism around the world, including in Sienna’s mother’s native country of Iran where poets & musicians are targeted by the Islamic regime. 

The Trampled Woman, Freedom Convoy inspired poem by Sienna Mae Heath (Free the People)
Film/Poem: The Trampled Woman

This poem is dedicated to Candice Sero who was trampled by police on horses in Ottawa on the evening of February 18, 2022 at the Freedom Convoy, which sought to defeat the vaccine mandates across Canada and inspired unifying protests around the world. Candace “Candy” Sero is reportedly a Mohawk elder who has lived in the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in Hastings County, Ontario. She survived the incident while suffering from a broken clavicle. It has been brought to attention that she was holding a white shawl, resembling a white flag on her walking assist device—a symbol of peace.

Poetry and Music

For the New World

The Time Before, a poem by Sienna Mae Heath. Pictured: The sun in the center of several trees on a brisk spring day.
The Time Before

A poem on choosing to be wronged when righteous – remembering a time before birthing into this shift of ages.

Sienna Mae Heath headshot by E Morrow Productions
Nothing But Light

Nothing but Light: Honoring the Storied Shadows of Recovery, my spoken word show live from IceHouse Tonight with Gary Lader on accordian and piano.