Clay Bee Magnets and Pins

Place an order or pick up for $15 each! Will ship up to 4 anywhere in the US for $10 S&H.
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ceramic bee with gold luster by Sienna Mae Heath
ceramic bee with gold glaze by Sienna Mae Heath

Locally Grown Herbal Tea Samples

Add a tea bag to your order for $3 (when available)

chamomile flowers grown, harvested, and dried by Sienna Mae Heath

Tea Blends

Sienna’s Sweet Lemon Mint Tea and Tulsi-Peppermint Tea are most often available, along with some blends of chamomile, lavender, sage, yarrow, morning glory, strawberry leaves, blueberry leaves, and raspberry leaves. Pictured below is a Japanese-style ceramic tea bowl by Walter Heath (left) and ceramic mug by Bahereh Khodadoost (right).

Japanese style ceramic tea bowl by Walter Heath
Ceramic mug by Bahereh Khodadoost
Ceramic bee magnets, cone 6, by Sienna Mae Heath
Sienna Mae Heath's Sweet Lemon Mint Tea grown and harvested in Zone 6b
Ceramic bee pins with luster by Sienna Mae Heath
Clay bees lustered with aztec gold