Combat Inflation with a Custom Victory Garden Layout

With rising food prices, going to the grocery store is stressful enough. The garden should be stress-free. Here’s how you can grow the fresh produce you have been missing:

Need helping planning your garden? Here’s how the Covid-19 Victory Garden Layout can help you grow the fresh produce you have been missing.


• What vegetables do you want to grow?

• Which of these are your favorite and can be grown in large quantities?

• Which food could you freeze or can for winter?

• What are the dimensions of your space?


• Identify priorities revealed in questionnaire during our 30 minute phone/video consultation

• Explore opportunities for companion planting (which herbs and flowers can be paired with your vegetables to keep pests away and attract pollinators)

GET a custom layout

• Receive a diagram on graph paper showing plant labels and square footage

• Plan how to harvest the most food from your space this year AND next year.

• Free yourself to a low maintenance, happy gardening experience.

sustain yourself

• Whether you grow from your window, porch, yard, or plot of land, planning your food garden is essential.

• Start wisely for $99 so that you can eat healthy throughout the seasons.

• Rise up, Seedlings. Your health is in your hands.

get your victory garden layout

Write “Ready for Victory” in the subject and I’ll send you the questionnaire.


    Every victory garden starts with a seed. Sow the seeds of your victory garden. Plant food with purpose and sustain your sanity. Your health is in your hands.

    What is a victory garden?

    Learn how people on the back lines won World Wars by growing their own food.